The journey to publication has been long and arduous.  As a writer, you know the tumultuousness of traversing a rock filled road.  When you run, you trip, stumble, and fall.  When you take careful steps, you move as slow as the rocks you kick from the dirt.  Either way, you must move forward.  Below you’ll find steps I’ve taken on this journey.  Two of the stories I previously published in lit journals and now I’m offering them through e-readers.

“Time Like Masks” was originally published in South Dakota Review.  A boy confronts his worst fear through the help of a distant relative and reviving a lost Cherokee custom.  Choose from any of the e-retailers below.

Amazon Kindle – Apple iTunes — Kobo

Barnes & Noble NookInktera — Scribd

‘Txtr – Smashwords – Flipkart

“Our Dance” was originally published in American Short Fiction.  A funny story about cousins who receive their Kiowa “per cap” and make choices that can only be redeemed by deep Kiowa kinships.  Choose from any of the e-retailers below.

Amazon KindleApple iTunes

Barnes & Noble Nook – Kobo

Smashwords – ‘Txtr – Inktera

Oyster – Scribd – Flipkart

You can also download eReading apps to your PC computer or laptop for free.  Here are a few links to access free eReading apps:

Amazon Kindle        Barnes & Noble Nook        Kobo        Adobe Reader XI



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