About Oscar Hokeah

1527087796007I’ve spent over a decade empowering Native American communities.  From my work in Santa Fe, NM with Intermountain Youth Centers and the Santa Fe Mountain Center, I’ve worked with Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo peoples.  Currently, living in my home town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma (in the heart of Cherokee Nation), I work with Indian Child Welfare, where I give back to the community that nurtured and embedded  the Indigenous values I pass along to my children.

I’m a regionalist Native American writer of literary fiction, interested in capturing intertribal and multicultural aspects within two tribally specific communities: Tahlequah and Lawton, Oklahoma.  I was raised inside these tribal circles and continue to reside there today–half Native American (Kiowa/Cherokee) and half Hispanic.  I belong to the Stopp family in Tahlequah, and the Hokeah and Tahsequah families in Lawton (organized The Oklahoma Gourd Dance Club–we’re easy to find).  I have family actively involved with the Comanche War Scouts Society, Comanche Little Ponies Society, and the Kiowa Tia-Piah Society.

New Pic - Oscar HokeahI hold an M.A. in English from the University of Oklahoma, with a concentration in Native American Literature. I also hold a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), with a minor in Indigenous Liberal Studies. I’m a recipient of the Truman Capote Scholarship Award through IAIA, and also a winner of the Native Writer Award through the Taos Summer Writers Conference. I have short stories published in South Dakota Review, American Short Fiction, Yellow Medicine Review, Surreal South ’09, and Red Ink Magazine


41 thoughts on “About Oscar Hokeah

  1. Hello, from a girl born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Eventually wound up in southern NM for a decade with a few places between- and now aaaaaaall the way up in Maine. Thank you for liking one of my recent posts, it gave me the avenue to read yours.

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    1. Hello back, Summer. NM is a magical place. Going there for a visit this weekend. And Fort Smith is a hop, skip, and jump from Tahlequah. What a small world. Thank you for checking out my blog. Please come back as often as you like.

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      1. I envy you going to Santa Fe! We were a few hours south in Las Cruces. Always wanted to go visit MeowWolf, but it just never lined up for us. Have ya been, and did you enjoy it if so?

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      2. I haven’t been. But I’ve been wanting see it as well. Maybe I’ll get a chance this weekend. I never got a chance to go anywhere south of I-40. I’ve been everywhere north of it though. If I get to visit meow wolf this weekend I’ll let you know.


      3. No kidding! That was me a month ago. We drove for about 4-5 days to our new destination (and hopefully final move, because I’m exhausted). It was a veritable playground of ideas for my mind though, fueled by ever changing scenery and a constant flow of music.

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      4. Not at all. Always happy to chat. Nice to meet someone who knows the roads I’ve traveled. Literally. Figuratively? I guess we’ll find out. Safe travels to you as well.


      5. oh no no no mister. I’m done traveling. Okay, kind of done. We’ve moved to a town of 6000 and one tiny Walmart. In the past weeks I’ve driven 1-2 hours to various towns to outsource. But, next time I want to get home to visit? We’re flying. lol

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  2. Hello, Mr. Hokeah. I am a writer and editor in Oklahoma. I would like to talk with you about our mutual interests. You can contact me through the contact page on my blog if you are interested. Thanks.

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  3. Hello, I’ve blogged about 2 1/2 years and you are my nearest blogging neighbor it appears. I live in Mustang, OK so I sharing about the same kind of cold. 😀 You left a like on my “Daddy’s Boots” today. Thank you

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    1. Always nice to run into a fellow Oklahoman. It has been awful cold here in Tahlequah. This weekend looks to be nice though. Hope it sticks around. Thank you for stopping by and please come by as often as you like.


    1. I went on hiatus a number of times. I start these blogs with much enthusiasm and they tend to dwindle away over time. This one appears to be sticking so we’ll see how it all works out. Thank you, Michael. I’ll pop over and check it out.


  4. Wow. I respect the work you do, both through child welfare and as a writer. From reading your musings about revision–the post on chapter five–and the values you bring to your work, I sense professionalism ad compassion. Thanks for liking my post–I’m going to follow your blog, something I don’t often do.

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    1. Thank you, Rick. I’m glad you stopped by and shared your kind words. Please come back often. It’s been a long journey through this field and I feel like I’m still at the starting line. I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.


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